The type and installation of the automatic door closed device

Date:Sep 11, 2018

Concealed door-closed device, is to set the automatic doors closed in the box doors. When the active fan is closed, the closed-door device is completely invisible. The key specification for this closed-door device is the thickness of the door, which relates to the thickness of the doors. At present, the world's thinnest hidden door closed device only 28mm, the general thickness of the movable fan can be installed.

The installation of such a closed-door device will destroy the box of the movable fan and cannot be used as a fireproof door. There is a closed door with the hinge, but also to achieve a certain aesthetic effect.

This closed-door force arm close to the hinge, torque is very small, the scope of application is limited.

There are many kinds of installation methods, most of these methods are based on the needs of users to study out.

The most basic way to install the door is to install the closed-door device on the side of the hinge on the movable fan, while the cross-strait or the folding arm is installed on the door frame. Many pieces of hardware on the activity of the door left and right to open the direction of the requirements, in the international closed doors around the open have a clear definition and logo. Under different installation conditions, the installation of closed-door device should be based on the operating instructions, or to experienced rotary door suppliers or manufacturers to consult.

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