Two sensors that are often used in automatic doors

Date:Nov 22, 2018

Most automatic doors use motion detection sensors or optical sensors mounted on either side of the door to trigger door opening/closing. All automatic doors, regardless of their type or design, include sensors that can help trigger opening/closing when needed. Let's take a look at the various sensors used in the automatic door:

Pressure sensor: In the 1960s, the 'control pad' was used as a sensor to detect pedestrians. These mats detect weight/pressure changes in specific areas of the ground before and after the gate. If the weight of a particular area exceeds the set limit ("Trigger Limit" is set below the average human weight), the door will open. The advantage of using this system is that as long as there is pressure on the mat, or in other words, if someone stands/walks near the door, the door will remain open. Not only does this allow for quick entry/exit, but it also prevents the door from being "closed" on the individual.

Motion detectors or optical sensors: Most automatic doors now use motion detection sensors or optical sensors mounted on the side of the door to trigger the opening/closing of the door. These sensors, as their name suggests, detect or "seek" motion in front of the door. Among these sensors, motion is detected by a microwave beam (10.5 GHz) generated by an antenna mounted on a door head, which generally points in a downward and outward direction.

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