Vertical three roller gate

- Dec 21, 2018-

Three roller gate function overview:

1. Adopting a unique incomplete gear transmission system to make the gate lock and unlock in the zero position more accurate and reliable;

2. The whole system runs smoothly, with low noise and no mechanical impact;

3, with call self-test function, automatic recovery in the locked state;

4, with a variety of working modes to choose from, you can read the card in both directions, you can also read the card, the other direction is prohibited, while reading the card, the other direction is free, and the working mode of the gate can be set through the main board menu set;

5, with power-off lever, power-on manual lever function;

6, with 485 remote control of the falling rod, the upper rod function to meet the special needs of users and fire safety requirements;

7. It has a unified and standard external electrical interface, which can be connected with various reading and writing devices to facilitate system integration, and can realize remote control and management through management computer;

8, can automatically count the number of people in the traffic direction, and intuitive;

The LED (optional) method is presented to the manager, so that the manager knows the number of people in a certain direction;

9, with a clear direction of direction indication function, can be passed or prohibited by the intuitive LED passer;

10. It has the function of reading cassette memory and without memory, and the user can set it through the motherboard keyboard according to his own needs;

11. Through the software setting, the total number of personnel inside the site can be limited to meet the special needs of some special occasions;

12, with automatic reset function. After the card is read, if the passer fails to pass within the specified time, the system will automatically cancel the pass permission of the passer, and the restricted transit time can be set by the manager himself;

13, access mode: the direction of entry and exit can be set independently of each other [remote / wireless controlled access] / [free pass] / [forbidden] / [only allow not allowed] / [only allow not allowed] visualize the motherboard , can be debugged according to actual needs;

14, working mode: normally open (default) / normally closed, free to switch;

15. Compatibility: Configure dry contact signal output interface and wide threshold level signal input interface, compatible with various access controllers.