Want to remotely control the smart lock? You must pay attention to this.

- Dec 10, 2018-

The biggest difference between a smart lock and a normal mechanical lock is that the smart lock can be controlled by the mobile phone, and the distance of the control distance depends on the connection mode supported by the smart lock. Most of the smart locks that can be remotely controlled by households today do not use direct access to the Internet, but are connected to the Internet through a "gateway". When the smart lock is disconnected from the gateway, it is no different from a normal electronic lock.

The smart lock gateway not only allows the user to control wherever he is, but also allows the gateway to become a transit point for IoT information, such as automatically opening a cat's eye video when being smashed, and automatically turning off the indoor light when going out. And other functions.

The reason for the emergence of the gateway is not only because of linkage with other smart home products, but also for the sake of battery life. For smart locks, the power consumption required by Wi-Fi is very large, and the battery life will be greatly shortened when powered by dry batteries. Moreover, the transmission data required for smart locks is far less than that supported by the Wi-Fi transmission protocol. If Wi-Fi is directly connected, it is a large-scale bombing of mosquitoes.

For 24-hour standby such as smart locks, low-power protocols such as Bluetooth and Zigbee are more suitable for electronic devices with high power requirements. But if you want to control remotely, you still need a gateway to connect to the Internet through Wi-Fi or network cable, but also to resist the attacks of today's crisis network, the importance is self-evident.

To purchase a smart lock that can be remotely controlled, you are actually purchasing the corresponding gateway. At the time of purchase, try to choose the smart lock products of the same brand as other smart homes already purchased, or the products that can be linked by the same network protocol, so that a gateway can drive the products of the whole family.

In addition, the installation location of the gateway is also very important, in addition to the need to easily plug in the network cable and power supply, but also with other products such as smart locks, so as to have a more stable wireless connection.