What are the benefits of two-wing automatic revolving doors?

Date:Oct 22, 2020

What are the benefits of two-wing automatic revolving doors?


The two-wing automatic revolving door is a complete separation of the advantages of automatic revolving doors and automatic sliding doors. It is a complete separation of revolving doors, sliding doors and luxurious exhibition boxes. It is a classic that blends world advanced technology with modern fashion. It consists of a centrally opened automatic sliding door and two glass curved wall exhibition boxes.

Combining the advantages of automatic revolving door and automatic swing door, the automatic swing door in the middle can complete single, two-way passage and normally open operations. In a specific environment, it can be used as a sliding door or open the sliding door completely. The user can select the required function through the function control panel according to different seasons, places and needs, which can effectively isolate the indoor and outdoor temperature to maintain a suitable indoor temperature.

At the same time, the wind resistance is strengthened, the tuyere effect is eliminated, the energy loss is reduced, and the wind, sand, dust, noise and exhaust gas are effectively prevented from entering the room. More fully play the role of door isolation and dredging to ensure that guests and staff enjoy a warm and cozy environment. The two-wing revolving door is guaranteed to have a closed angle when rotating, effectively isolating indoor and outdoor air convection, which is a good plan for isolating airflow and energy saving.

Two-wing revolving door without extension or translation: The two-wing revolving door without extension and translation is a simple revolving door among two-wing revolving doors. The rotating speed of the revolving door can be adjusted according to various needs, which is convenient and comfortable. This kind of door is suitable for smaller passages, and it also has the same safety, energy saving and intelligence as revolving doors

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