What are the characteristics of manual revolving doors?

Date:Oct 22, 2020

What are the characteristics of manual revolving doors?


Manual revolving door is a kind of revolving door. It has a variety of types to choose from. Its spacious and high-style design creates a luxurious atmosphere, which can be described as the finishing touch of the building. The manual revolving door has the quality and structure of an automatic revolving door, which is deeply trusted by users.

The product attaches great importance to the development of manual door function accessories and the high-quality of core components, and users have obtained perfect services with high quality and good quality. In addition, the manual revolving door has high-quality bearings and multiple sealing and force structures, which can be tested by harsh environments such as flooding and dust; according to user needs, it can be upgraded after adding electrical systems.

  The manual revolving door features dustproof and environmental protection, sealed, windproof and dustproof. Manual revolving door does not require power supply, but its application function is the same as the appearance and fully automatic revolving door. Compared with other doors, it has the same windproof effect and convenient features.

   Curved structure with characteristic appearance, curved glass with high-quality stainless steel cap head and frame, highlighting high-end, luxurious and solemn. The manual structure can be controlled by the pedestrians to control the rotation speed, which is more safe and reliable. The structure of the manual revolving door is simple, so the quality is more reliable, and the basic annual protection is free.

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