What are the effects of fire shutter doors?

Date:Nov 20, 2018

First of all, the internal structure of the product itself uses the effect of the integrated bus, and the system is designed to transmit data transmission faster, safer and more reliable when the product is in use. It is also possible to guarantee the personal safety of our residents to a certain extent. And it also has the function of automatic detection of the program. If there is any abnormal state during operation, it can correct itself and perform the self-protection of phase loss. Its main power supply is capable of automatic switching, and it can be used normally in an emergency, and no accidents will occur. Wind-resistant rolling door

Secondly, if we have a careful look at the reserved interface of the product, we will find that its interface is very rich, and can be connected and linked with the fire control center. It's not just a door, it has an all-electronic learning limit inside, it's very accurate and reliable, and it doesn't have a range of limits. This is also due to the technology used in the product is a microcomputer processor technology. It is very accurate and convenient in terms of running parameters, and it is very simple to set up.


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