What are the general requirements for medical automatic doors in operating rooms?

Date:Nov 11, 2020

What are the general requirements for medical automatic doors in operating rooms?


The operating room is a place to provide surgery and rescue for patients, and is an important technical department of the hospital. It is related to human life safety, so the door in the operating room is also strictly manufactured.

Medical automatic door is a kind of automatic door specially designed for the entrance and exit of chemical environment with high requirements for cleanliness and sealing. The entry and exit of products in the clean area must be isolated by medical automatic doors (closed doors) that meet higher and more special requirements, and ordinary automatic doors are not competent.

Medical automatic doors in operating rooms generally have the following requirements:

The first is the tightness requirement:

(1) The applicable voltage range of the electronic control part should be wide.

(2) The outer surface of the door body is made of stainless steel plate, electrolytic steel plate, color steel plate, etc. Among them, rust steel plate is the best, but the cost is higher. The middle interlayer is made of foaming process or honeycomb structure; for doors with radiation protection requirements, the middle interlayer must have a lead plate of a certain thickness sandwiched in the middle. In addition, the wall joints should be inlaid with sealing strips.

(3) The electronic control part must comply with the relevant national electromagnetic compatibility standards to prevent interference with medical equipment.

(4) The motor reducer should be specially made to minimize the noise to meet the requirements of the clean room for noise.

The second is the special requirements for functions:

(1) It is necessary to set up non-contact proximity sensors, such as non-touch manual sensors or foot sensors.

(2). It must have the function of closing the door with delay and the function of two inductions.

(3) There must be a backup power connection interface.

(4) There must be a functional interface for starting the air shower equipment.

(5) Enhance the anti-pinch function to improve safety, and the door must be equipped with the function of preventing the bomb from being killed.

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