What are the precautions for the use of wing gates?

Date:Nov 26, 2018

1. It is forbidden to read the card and pass the gate quickly;

2. The equipment operation is marked in the conspicuous place to identify the passage of the machine, and the guide passer is safely and orderly through the gate passage;

3. Before the equipment is put into operation, it must be debugged by function first, and it can be put into operation after debugging.

4, to ensure that the system is secured to the ground to prevent personal injury.

5. When the wing gate device is powered on, it is forbidden to stand in the channel;

6. When the pedestrian reads the cartoon line, the direction indicator mark is not turned green, and it is forbidden to enter the channel;

7. When pedestrians pass through the passage, do not stay in the center of the passage for a long time;

8. When the device is in the off state, it is forbidden to push or pull the gate.

9. When the wing gate passes through the gate, do not congest, and the person must adhere to a certain distance;

10. Wing gate equipment should be properly managed when it is not working, and it is forbidden to knock and swing equipment;

11. Do not use the machine when there is lightning on the wing gate to prevent damage to the machine;

wing gate

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