What are the types of automatic doors?

Date:Oct 22, 2020

What are the types of automatic doors?


Automatic doors can be divided into: revolving doors, curved doors, sliding doors, induction electric doors, stacking doors, folding doors, 90-degree sliding doors, fast doors, etc. The working principle of automatic door: door frame door panel, the door frame is generally of profile or steel structure, and the door panel is generally of wood or stainless steel glass. The door machine, track, bracket and belt. The door machine is the electric motor, which acts as the power output for opening and closing the automatic door. At the same time, there are many interfaces on it, such as the backup power interface, multiple switches and the remote control interface; the track is the automatic door sliding over and sliding over Moving rails.

The bracket is the center that supports the automatic door, and the belt is the drive chain that connects the engine and the automatic door.

Switches are available with contact type, infrared sensor, microwave sensor, touch sensor, foot sensor, password, card swiping, face swiping, fingerprint swiping, remote control, attendance and other automatic door switches. These switches are all connected to the motor and controlled The operation of the motor.

That is, the automatic door switch. The safety light or light curtain is installed in the operating range of the automatic door and is also connected to the door machine to ensure that the automatic door will not close when there are people or objects. 5. Electric locks are used to lock the automatic doors to prevent manual opening and electricity Mortise locks, magnetic locks, etc., they are also connected to the door machine. If it is a glass door, pictures or text must be affixed to it to prevent people from directly hitting the glass door and causing unnecessary losses.

In order to ensure that the automatic door can work normally even in the event of a power failure, it can be equipped with a backup power supply to unlock 1. The harmony between the automatic door unlocking action and the door opening action is applied to the electronic lock of the automatic sliding door. There are three types of electric locks for pendants and electric locks. There is also a mechanical lock with a contact switch, which separates the lock from the switch. If the lock is not in the unlocked state, the contacts cannot be contacted, and the motor cannot be operated incorrectly.

Microwave radar responds to the displacement of objects, so it has a fast response speed and is suitable for places where people with normal walking speed pass. Its characteristic is that once people near the door do not want to go out and stand still, the radar will no longer respond and automatically The door will be closed, which has a certain maintenance effect on the door machine.

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