What do you think of automatic revolving door

Date:Sep 01, 2020

What do you think of automatic revolving door

Four misunderstandings in the use of automatic revolving doors

1. Automatic revolving door is not anti-theft

This view is incorrect. First of all, every door has a lock, and the automatic revolving door is no exception, but it uses a more concealed ground lock. As long as the ground lock is locked, the revolving door cannot be pushed. In addition, the revolving door is made of tempered glass with a thickness of 6mm-12mm, which is not easy to break even with brick knocking, so the revolving door also has a better anti-theft function.


2. Automatic revolving door does not keep warm

Since automatic revolving doors are generally relatively large, many people take it for granted that the revolving door has a large contact area with the outside, and there may be a problem of no insulation. In fact, the revolving door is the most insulated door among all doors. It isolates the outdoor air, so it can effectively maintain the room temperature.


3. People with limited mobility cannot pass

In fact, there are two slow buttons on the automatic revolving door. As long as you press these two buttons, its running speed is reduced to a quarter of the original speed, which can smoothly pass people with inconvenient movements.

4. It is easy to pinch the elderly and children

Due to the occurrence of incidents of children being caught by the revolving door, many people think that the revolving door is not safe. It is undeniable that some inferior rotating manufacturers cut corners in the production of the door in order to save costs, but most manufacturers still regard safety as the first Bit to consider. The user of the automatic revolving door only needs to maintain the revolving door regularly, and take good care of the elderly and children when passing through the revolving door. The revolving door is an absolutely safe access channel.

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