What is the difference between medical automatic doors and ordinary automatic doors

Date:Nov 21, 2020

What is the difference between medical automatic doors and ordinary automatic doors


  1. Medical automatic door guide system: It is a guide positioning device for the lower part of the door leaf to prevent front and rear doors when the door leaf is running. The work flow is completed when the door is opened and closed.

As follows: When the medical automatic door sensor detects that someone has entered, the pulse signal will be sent to the main controller. After the main controller, it will judge the operation of the motor. At the same time, it will monitor the speed of the motor to inform the car time and the slow entry plus Power combustion chamber. The motor runs forward after running the current, the power is transmitted to the belt, and the belt-transmitted power spreader system makes the door open; opening the door leaf is determined by the controller. If the medical automatic door is closed, the motor is notified to move in the reverse direction and the medical automatic door is closed.

  2. Medical automatic door track: Just like a train track, the door spreader wheel restraint system, according to a specific direction;

  3, the medical automatic door open and close the power motor: the main power, acceleration and deceleration control door operation;

  4. Medical automatic door, hanging wheel suspension system: while moving the door leaf, medical traction drives the door operation;

  5. Medical automatic door sensor: The medical automatic door is responsible for collecting external signals, such as people's eyes. When the moving object is included in its working range, it is the pulse signal of the main controller;

  6. Medical automatic door timing belt (some manufacturers use V-belt): used to transmit motor power and traction travel vane spreader system.

7. Medical automatic door controller: It is the command center of automatic doors. Through internal program instructions, large-scale integrated blocks are planned and the corresponding instructions are used to direct the operation of the car or electric lock system; at the same time, the main controller adjusts the speed and opens the door and window opening range .

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