What is the reason for the short distance of the electric door opener?

Date:Nov 09, 2018

The factors affecting the remote distance of RF Remote Control are as follows:

1. Transmitting power: If the transmitting power is large, the distance is long, but the power consumption is large, and it is easy to cause interference;

2, receiving sensitivity: the receiver's receiving sensitivity is increased, the remote control distance is increased, but it is easy to be disturbed or out of control;

3, antenna: the use of linear antennas, and parallel to each other, remote control distance is far, but occupy a large space, in the use of the antenna to lengthen, straighten can increase the remote control distance;

4. Blocking: The currently used wireless remote control uses the UHF frequency band specified by the state. Its propagation characteristics and light approximation, straight line propagation, and small diffraction, if there is wall blocking between the transmitter and the receiver, the remote control distance will be greatly shortened. The walls of reinforced concrete have a greater impact due to the absorption of electric waves by conductors.

5, height: the higher the antenna, the farther the remote control distance, but subject to objective conditions;

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