What kind of electric door opener should be used in industrial parks?

Date:Oct 22, 2018

What door opener should I use in the industrial park? There are many types of electric door openers, such as garage door openers, industrial sliding doors, fire shutter doors, electric door openers, imported door openers and so on. The function and type of door opener selected will vary depending on the industrial location.

Of course, for each place of use, the door opener used must be properly designed to be useful, and the door opener should be placed in the proper position as much as possible so as not to cause inconvenience. General industrial production sites can also use sliding door opener, so that it does not occupy any space, it will also save a certain amount of space to store items. In the form of load-bearing support of the door body, the upper load-bearing suspension type and the lower load-bearing support type can be adopted. When the condition of installing the load-bearing track is installed above the door, it is recommended to adopt the upper-bearing county-mounted type. Otherwise, the load-bearing support type should be selected according to the actual installation conditions on site or the requirements of the user. The door frame, the small door frame and the door panel are spliced with specially made high-strength aluminum alloy or metal material, which can reduce the weight of the door body and make the door body beautiful and elegant.

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