What performance must the motor of the door opener have?

- Dec 04, 2018-

For the choice of door opener models, mainly look at the category of the courtyard door. If the swing is open, the courtyard swing door machine should be selected; if it is translated, the courtyard sliding door machine should be selected. Then, depending on the installation conditions and requirements of the opener How to install is simple. Generally, the choice of open-type door opener is more, because it has the advantages of not affecting the door view, not destroying the structure of the door post, and no need to install the door lock.

The core part of the door opener is the motor. The quality of the motor plays a decisive role in the quality of the door opener. Therefore, the quality of the door opener needs to be analyzed from its motor. However, the motor's reducer volute, the output bushing, The materials and manufacturing process of the worm gear, the rotor support structure and the mounting seat determine the length of the motor life and the ability to resist bumps and impacts.

The waterproof performance of the motor of the door opener is also very important. Its waterproof performance is generally affected by the outlet and bottom cover seals. The waterproof performance is good. The motor outlet of the door opener is fully sealed and specially waterproofed, and the bottom cover The seal ring is made of oil-resistant rubber seal ring, so everyone must pay attention to the contrast when purchasing the door opener.