What types of barriers are there in the market? Which is better?

- Oct 24, 2018-

Automatic barrier is believed to be familiar to everyone, and it is almost everywhere. It has become one of the essential tools for managing vehicle traffic. The stability of the gate gate is extremely important in the management of parking entrances and exits, and it is also the most important for the whole system. One of the devices.

In the early days, the belt drive was used. Until today's turbine-integrated machine, the belt drive is not suitable for use in harsh environments such as the north due to environmental factors, so it is slowly eliminated.

At present, the mainstream of the market is a worm-gear integrated machine gate, which can be divided into a compression spring movement and a tension spring movement according to the spring. The brake of the compression spring means that the force is controlled by the compression spring when the gate is up and down. The gate of the tension spring refers to the tension spring when the gate is lifted and lowered, and the most essential difference is that One pressure, one pull.

In this case, when the tension spring movement and the compression spring movement brakes reach a certain life, there will be different performance. For example, if the tension spring movement may be broken, the spring break may cause damage to the electronic components such as the control board of the gate; and when the compression spring exceeds the service life, its performance will be slow and weak. There is a trembling phenomenon, but the spring does not break. Therefore, it is recommended that you choose the brake of the compression spring movement, the performance is stable, there is no safety hazard. The brakes produced by Doyle Company use compression spring technology to eliminate the hidden dangers of the tension springs and make consumers feel more comfortable.