When buying a revolving door, how to choose the color?

Date:Oct 13, 2020

When buying a revolving door, how to choose the color?


Speaking of revolving doors, many applications are in banks, shopping malls, hotels, hotels, office buildings, etc. I have also talked a lot about the appearance and color of revolving doors before, which can make the place more atmospheric and beautiful, but there are also different revolving doors. Specifications, materials and colors, different colors bring us different senses. When we choose revolving doors, in addition to choosing a good revolving door manufacturer and paying attention to product quality, it is also particularly important to choose a color that suits us. However, there are too many colors for the revolving door, including stainless steel, carbon black, coffee, rose gold, brown, bronze, imitation copper, titanium black, etc., and you can even customize the color according to your needs, which is tangled for some options. It’s not a very friendly thing for people with symptoms. Of course, when we choose the color of the revolving door, we can’t choose according to our own hobbies. We still have to decide according to the particularity of the place and the surrounding architectural environment, let the revolving door see To be more integrated.

Here are a few examples

1. If it is an office building, the office building can choose natural stainless steel, which is suddenly solemn.

2. If it is used in hotels, inns, shopping malls and other places, it can replace rose gold, coffee color, titanium black and other bright colors, magnificent and luxurious, giving people a sense of luxury.

3. If it is used in banks, governments and other places, you can choose natural stainless steel. Titanium black stainless steel gives people a sense of stability and weight.

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