Which one is better for swiping card automatic doors?

Date:Nov 11, 2020

Which one is better for swiping card automatic doors?


Which one is better for swiping card automatic doors? Of course, choose Saidun automatic door: why? Here is an introduction to the advantages of Saidun card swiping automatic doors!


Saidun card swiping automatic door has a super intelligent microcomputer control system, which can adjust various control functions according to the actual use of the user to ensure the best condition for many years and accurate and intelligent operation. In addition, the remote control switch can flexibly adjust the operation mode of the automatic door, which is convenient and practical.


The door machine system is equipped with a safety sensing device, which automatically returns when it encounters obstacles. When the door is closed, if a person or object is obstructed, the control system will automatically reverse according to the response and open the door immediately to prevent people from being caught and program disorder . The unique motor electric lock function can realize advanced security. In addition, it can be equipped with a power supply so that the system can continue to run in the event of a power failure.


The extra-strong brushless motor has the characteristics of long service life, large torque, and quietness. It is equipped with precise transmission machinery and the door runs more smoothly and reliably.

Environmental protection

The use of double-door interlocking can reduce the amount of air escape, prevent cross-infection, achieve sealing requirements, and have a good sound insulation effect.


The sensor is highly sensitive, the door machine is sensitive to open, close in time, and change quickly.


In addition to the standard configuration, the door machine can also be connected with a variety of additional accessories (access control system, anti-theft alarm system, attendance machine, electric lock, etc.) to meet the needs of various occasions and environments.

Framed translation

The guide rail is made of aluminum alloy profile, the transmission structure is reasonable and reliable, and the life span is more than 1 million times. The door body design adopts European popular styles, outsourcing stainless steel or aluminum alloy frame, refined shape, smooth lines, excellent materials, and can be sprayed with various colors according to needs. Built-in large plane high-strength glass, the whole is noble and generous, full of modern sense

Overlapping translation

The opening width of the overlapped automatic door is 1.3 times that of the standard sliding automatic door. It is suitable for passage openings with large flow of people and ultra-wide objects to be transported.

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