Advantages Of Automatic Revolving Door

Advantages Of Automatic Revolving Door

Date:Jun 26, 2019

The automatic revolving door can be divided into two-wing automatic revolving door, three-wing automatic revolving door and four-wing automatic revolving door. In terms of performance, the two-wing revolving door is far ahead of the other two types of doors. The two-wing automatic revolving door can also be equipped with an automatic sliding door. Therefore, all the performance characteristics of the automatic sliding door are provided by the two-wing revolving door. It is a perfect combination of the advantages of both the automatic revolving door and the automatic smoothing door.

      1.Intelligence: According to different seasons, occasions and needs, the function control panel can be used to select the desired function. The middle automatic swing door can realize single, two-way and normally open action modes.

      2. Safety: With multiple safety protection measures, the high-sensitivity radar system ensures that the door can be opened instantly and the speed can be adjusted. In the entrance and revolving door sections, a number of non-contact sensors and unique safety switches are installed to ensure the safety of the passer. The door can be connected to the fire alarm system. In case of power failure and accident, the emergency handling unit automatically rotates the door to a safe evacuation position, and the middle sliding door automatically opens to form a spacious evacuation (emergency) passage.

      3. Reliability: The revolving door has a fault detection function, which can quickly and accurately determine and eliminate faults in time. The door itself bears weight and is evenly stressed to ensure a long service life.

      4. Environmental protection: The automatic revolving door design enhances the wind resistance, eliminates the tuyere effect, reduces energy loss, effectively blocks the entry of dust, noise and exhaust gas, and fully exerts the function of door isolation and dredging.

      5. Versatility: The two-wing automatic revolving door can be used as a revolving door or as an automatic sliding door, and has the performance characteristics of an automatic revolving door and an automatic sliding door.

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