Advantages Of Automatic Sliding Door

Advantages Of Automatic Sliding Door

Date:Jun 26, 2019

 The automatic sliding door application is the most extensive of all automatic doors, no matter where it appears. For example, hospital operating rooms, government agencies, and banks all have online presence. With multi-functional features, it can be manually and electrically converted. Single track operation, not too many controllable doors. It is divided into two types: lower load bearing and upper bearing weight.

      1. Intelligence: User-oriented, configure multiple intelligence and protection devices. The automatic door control system uses a built-in microcomputer chip to automatically set the control process. When the user selects a reasonable opening and closing speed and opening time, the automatic door can maintain the best state for a long time, and the intelligence is high.

      2. Safety: With a safety sensing device, the hidden danger of the person is eliminated, and even if someone pushes and pulls the door leaf, there will be no procedural disorder. The unique electric lock function controls the entry and exit personnel as needed. An optional power supply can be used to keep the automatic door running and keep it in the set state when the external power supply is cut off, ensuring personnel safety.

      3. Reliability: professional mechanical transmission design, special high-efficiency DC brushless DC motor, with long service life, large torque, low noise, etc., equipped with advanced gear-shaped synchronous transmission, the door body runs more stable and reliable.

      4. Low noise: The processing precision of the transmission parts is high, which will achieve the effect of mute, which is very suitable for places with high noise level such as operating room.

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