Automatic Door Common Trouble And Solve Method?

- Sep 11, 2018-

1 Leaf Door fixed

(1) Door leaves do not move, of course, first of all to check if there is a power supply to it, if it is due to the cause of electricity is connected to the source.

(2) Whether there is a drag-and-drop activity doors, if this phenomenon, the door will be very difficult to start, the main controller will be considered to have obstacles and self-locking protection, so that the doors stop movement;

(3) Check the door door hanging the wheel part is not falling off the track, if there is this phenomenon, the door will not move.

2 Automatic Door response delay

(1) The detection range of the sensor probe is too small.

(2) There is dust phenomenon inside the sensor probe.

(3) The door body is too heavy, exceeding the motor traction of the main engine.

3 Automatic door switch sound very loud

(1) The Wheel of the leaf hanger for a long time running has certain wear, such as the appearance of only minor wear, the track and the wheel can be cleaned, but also to the bearing of the wheel to add a bit of lubricating oil, but can not give the track and plastic wheels on the injection, because the oil is easy to absorb dust, will make the wheel damage faster

(2) Part of the metal connection loose phenomenon, just re-reinforcement can be.

(3) The damage of the lower guide system will also cause the phenomenon of large sound.

(4) The movable door leaves and fixed door leaves cause noise due to friction phenomenon.

(5) Beam in the initial construction did not do well, or with the upper ceiling has a resonance phenomenon.