Automatic Door Maintenance

Automatic Door Maintenance

Date:Feb 07, 2020

Comprehensive maintenance services of automatic doors:

1. Test and adjust the function of automatic door;

2. Check and adjust the safety performance of automatic doors;

3. Clearing track sediments;

4. Adjust the smoothness of the track;

5. Check and eliminate hidden dangers of drive, main control, brake unit and other major components;

6. Check and eliminate the wear of mechanical and hardware components and hidden dangers;

7, check and eliminate the automatic door waterproof hidden trouble

Recommended users: 

1. Users whose automatic doors have stopped running for more than 6 months; 

2. The automatic door has not been maintained for 9 consecutive months; 

3, automatic door periodic failure report frequent users; 

4. Users who have been repaired and maintained by non-technical personnel but have more operation safety risks.

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