Automatic Door Maintenance Method

- Aug 21, 2019-

First: In the mechanical transmission part, it is necessary to use gear oil. The place with a lot of dust should be cleaned and the oil should be re-installed.

Second: stainless steel casing must not be cleaned with corrosive cleaning agents, otherwise it will be easy to appear rust spots, affecting the appearance.

Third: In the process of use, if you find that the door machine does not move, and there is a click, please turn off the power, immediately check if there is any foreign matter stuck in the automatic door, and then restore the power after troubleshooting!

Fourth: If there is always a continuous opening of the door, turn off the power immediately, check the sensor and related circuits in time, and replace the damaged original device in time to avoid damage to the motor and cause more damage!

Fifth: If some of the glass breaks, please turn off the power, so as not to cause the weight of the left and right inequality, the motor motor is damaged!

Sixth: When not using for a long time, please turn off the power!

Seventh: If the glass and accessories are found to be loose, they will be repaired immediately.