Automatic Door Maintenance That You Can Do Yourself

- Jul 29, 2019-

The use of automatic doors can greatly improve energy efficiency, so that the indoor temperature can be effectively increased in winter. In order to allow you to use the automatic door safely and comfortably, you can often clean and maintain the automatic door yourself.

Cleaning around the automatic door

 Automatic doors want to run normally, and cleaning is a key. There should be no excessive dust and debris near the automatic door. When the installation site faces the outside, especially after the deciduous period and after the storm, please clean the garbage on the door rail. Otherwise, these will affect the normal use of the automatic door.

      Cleaning the door leaf

      When the automatic door is in the usual dirt and dirt, wipe it with a soft cloth dampened with a neutral cleaning solution, and wipe off the moisture and cleaning solution with a dry cloth. When the automatic door is in stubborn dirt and oily dirt, wipe gently with alcohol or gasoline and wipe off the water with a dry cloth. Cleaning of various sensors

      When the sensor of the automatic door detects dust attached to the window, the sensitivity of the sensor may be lowered, which may cause a malfunction of the automatic door. Therefore, when the sensor of the automatic door is dirty, immediately wipe it with a clean, dry cloth. The detection range will also change when the sensor mounting angle of the automatic door changes. Please be careful not to move the sensor of the automatic door.