Automatic Door Opening Signal How Much Do You Know?

Automatic Door Opening Signal How Much Do You Know?

Date:Sep 11, 2018

Inductive switch

Automatic door open letter is the contact signal, mainly microwave radar and infrared sensor two common sources of signal. The microwave radar action of the automatic door and the displacement reaction of the object. Due to the fast reaction speed of microwave ray, it is suitable for pedestrian passing by normal walking speed.

Once the pedestrian near the automatic door does not want to go out and static, the automatic door of the radar will no longer respond, the automatic door will be closed, the door of the automatic door machine has a certain protective effect.

Key switch

Some places of the automatic door prefer to use the key switch, the key switch can be a password multi-key button, can also be a touch button. For example, the automatic door of the elbow switch can be operated directly with the elbow.

Foot Switch

With the same type of key switch function is also a foot switch, but the foot switch on water-resistant requirements, commonly used in hospitals.

Use the foot switch automatic door very good avoids the hand contact, the health is convenient.

Timing switch

There is also a timer can automatically control the state of the door, it is based on the clock and a specific switching circuit connected, can be preset time to automatically open the door or lock the state.

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