Automatic Revolving Door Anti-pinch Sensor

- Nov 14, 2018-

The automatic revolving door has motion sensor, anti-pinch sensor, safety light curtain and other components. The anti-pinch sensor is very important and is the most important guarantee for the safe operation of the automatic revolving door.

The traditional infrared safety sensor provides single point protection with limited safety distance.

Due to its own technical advantages, this high-tech product greatly improves the safety of the revolving door opening, avoiding the dangerous situation to the greatest extent, providing up to 15 safety points. The company has been tested and applied to the revolving door. , the technology added value of the revolving door is improved, and the security function is strong.

When the upper door rotates when the rotary door rotates, the rotary door rotates slowly, and when the action is released, the normal operation resumes 2 seconds after the action is released. When the lower door rotates, the rotary door stops rotating immediately when the sensor is activated, and resumes normal operation 2 seconds after the action is released.