Automatic Sensor Door Slow Closing Function

Automatic Sensor Door Slow Closing Function

Date:Jul 24, 2019

 Automatic door speed:

   Automatic sensor door] slow speed function

   The auto-sensing door must perform a slow-close function.

    If the automatic sensor door performs the slow account opening function, you can choose the following methods:

    Method 1: Press the “-” button on the control unit until the sensor door closes at a slow speed.

    Method 2: Turn off the power and swap the two motor wires and repeat the above operation.

    After the direction of the auto-sensing i is changed, it must be done again - the first time it is started.

     Automatic sensor door] During the shutdown process, the system will automatically load the factory's basic parameter settings, such as door opening speed, door weight, and opening time. When the sensor door is closed, the system will perform the self-learning cycle to maintain the integrity of the entire cycle. If a fault or interruption occurs in the loop, the self-learning loop must be re-executed.

       In the process of self-learning, the induction probe fails. The sensor door opens at a slow speed and then closes slowly. The system parameters are now saved.

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