Automatic Swing Door Is Required To Pay Attention To The Installation

- Dec 24, 2018-

The installation of aluminum alloy automatic swing door should pay attention to the assembly quality, the joint should be flat, and the frame fan should not be smashed or cornered. The surface layer is polluted and bitten. During the construction, pay attention to the maintenance of the finished product and organize it in time. Scratches on the outside, should be guarded against the use of hard objects to finish the dirt on the aluminum alloy swing door. The glass cutting scale is not well mastered, and the size is not measured according to the actual object. After cutting, it does not meet the device request, too large or too small. The mortar and debris in the notch are unclean, and should be carefully checked and closed.

The rubber door of the automatic swing door, the nylon top is lost or the length is not in place, the sealing material should be selected according to the planning request, and it should be replenished in time after being discarded. If the rubber bead is improperly selected, the sealing effect is not good. The sealing rubber strip is easy to be disengaged at the corner. The rubber should be brushed under the sealing strip to make it strong with the glass and the frame fan. The glass is not cleaned or cracked. After the glass device, clean it with a soft cloth or cotton wool in time to reach the bright and bright light, and find the crack glass to be replaced in time.