Basic Information Of Automatic Door

- Sep 11, 2018-

Automatic doors are divided into: revolving doors, curved doors, translational doors, emergency evacuation of the translation doors, flat doors, folding doors, quick doors and other categories of automatic doors began to use in the building, is in 20th century years later. In the late 20, the opening of American supermarkets, automatic doors began to be used. In 1930, the United States Stanley pioneered the world's first Dooréì automatic door (this historical data is recorded in The New York Times). Since then, the world's first automatic door brand in 1945 will be hydraulic, air-type automatic door to the market, the main entrance of the new building has also begun to use. By the year 1962, the electrical type has begun to appear, followed by the construction of the city, the field of automatic door technology is increasing every year. At first, with the supply of buildings with power supply for the speed control of the motor is difficult, had to carry out oil pressure, air pressure speed control, conversion but because of energy efficiency is very low, but with the development of electrical control technology, now the electrical control technology has matured, direct control electric motor automatic door gradually become the mainstream.

For example: A variety of automatic special doors can be recognized control, such as: Induction Automatic door (infrared induction, microwave induction, touch sensing, foot-sensing), automatic door swipe.

Using foot pedal, photoelectric beam and other functions to power, air pressure or hydraulic power automatically open door door system. In 1th century A.D., the installation of the automatic opening of the temple doors by the Greeks, Hiro (Fig. 1), was the first automatic door to be powered by air pressure and hydraulics. As shown, the altar ignition causes 1 of the air to swell, the water flows into 2, using the weight of the water to rotate the axis 3, open the door. The altar is extinguished, and the door closes automatically.

There are three main methods of operation of modern automatic doors (Figure 2).

① Pedal: Pressure switch is installed under the pedal.

② Photoelectric beam type: A beam launcher and a light-emitting device are arranged near the door. ③ button mode: Press the button with a similar switch to open the door doors. Automatic doors open and close doors by sliding, hinge or folding. In order to prevent theft, it must be equipped with special equipment, such as home automatic door to the need to install bearer identification device or TV monitor, etc., for people outside the family strict restrictions. Automatic door in shopping malls, hotels, restaurants, airports, stations, banks and other occasions have been widely used.