Basic Issues That Should Be Considered In The Overall Design Of Automatic Doors

- Dec 03, 2018-

The overall design of the automatic door is a strategic decision stage that determines key design factors such as its technical and economic indicators. The basic issues that should be considered in the overall design of automatic doors are as follows:

1. Economic performance. Efficiency, economics, cost, maintenance, size and weight.

2, technical performance. Manufacturing productivity, manufacturing accuracy, strength and stiffness, reliability, service life, operational performance, safety and environmental factors.

3. Aesthetic performance. Coordination of style, color and surroundings.

The basic content of the automatic door design and the basic principles of design must meet the requirements of general machinery. Because the automatic door is a general mechanical device and is a machine with special requirements, the basic content and principles of the automatic door design must meet the requirements of mechanical design. Specializing in the development, manufacture and sales of automatic induction doors, revolving doors, access control attendance, glass doors and windows, the company is committed to providing a total solution for building door control / revolving door / induction door industrial purification, to meet the user's safety, reliability and aesthetics. The need for sex, comfort and durability. A contributor to the aesthetics of architectural entry and exit spaces. It is a member unit of the automatic door standardization technical committee of the Ministry of Construction.