Common Sense Of Automatic Door Use

Common Sense Of Automatic Door Use

Date:Nov 15, 2018

The automatic door brings a lot of convenience to our life, and its beautiful and fashionable appearance is deeply loved by consumers. The application of induction automatic doors is becoming more and more popular, but the common sense of the use of induction automatic doors is not well understood. Let's take a look at some of the common sense of induction automatic doors with the Shanghai Automatic Doors.

    1. When the normal speed of the door is from the door or inside the door to the induction automatic door, the induction automatic door should be semi-automatically open. The action of the induction automatic door should be flat and smooth and there is no obvious situation of collision; after the automatic door is opened, the person is open. The induction automatic door should remain open when passing through the induction automatic door at normal speed.

    2, pay attention to the induction automatic door track and hanging wheel can not be oiled; otherwise the crane on the hanger has a sliding phenomenon, easy to cause the door to collide.

    3. In the background of a limited number of people, the semi-automatic reflection function can be used as a safety function to avoid the unity of people, but in the public areas with large traffic, the safety function should be specially considered.

    4. The safety functions of each of the induction automatic doors should be carefully and clearly defined. The goal of these safety functions is to prevent the automatic door from being able to respond appropriately to special events when it is designed to operate.

    5, the high-end semi-automatic household squatting device has a semi-automatic reverse function: no matter whether it is open or closed, when the door body moves into the stumbling block or people, the door experience will semi-automatically move in the opposite direction. This is a very close safety and best care function. When avoiding touching people or things, try to take care of the induction automatic door machine will not burn out due to reloading. Then, when the door body is semi-automatically performing the learning procedure when retreating, it is necessary to discuss what signal interference, otherwise, the micro-processor will then perform the learning procedure. If it fails to return to normal for a long time, it will reveal a malfunction or malfunction.

    6. When approaching the induction automatic door, the sensing width of the induction automatic door sensor should be greater than the absolute width of the door.

    7. Carefully check the driving route of the normal automatic door. It is necessary to debug the usual driving route as the person in charge to face the induction automatic door, instead of moving to the automatic door at a certain angle.

    8. When the person leaves the sensing area of the automatic door sensor, after the delay-second (the time-sensing automatic door operation technique can be set by the induction automatic door switch parameter), the semi-automatic goalkeeper is semi-automatically closed, and the automatic door is sensed. The action should be flat and smooth and there is no revealing condition to collide.

    9. When the induction automatic door is exposed to abnormal failure, do not disassemble it, and it should be combined with the customer service technician.

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