Electric Revolving Door 4 Big Structure Introduction

Electric Revolving Door 4 Big Structure Introduction

Date:Sep 11, 2018

1, door body structure: rotary door material with no central axis ring track structure, door wing suspension structure. column, door frame using the whole aluminum profile, fully sealed silicone rubber seal, surface treatment for brushed stainless steel. Surface treatment: The thickness of 2.5mm or more aluminum sheet, aluminum profile, surface layer for the exterior of 1.2mm thick stainless steel. The ceiling requires a high-grade round burst lamp in the possession. The curved wall adopts all glass structure. Glass: Curved wall using 4+4mm, ARC transparent safety tempered plastic sandwich glass, barrier (straight wall) using 3+3mm transparent plastic sandwich glass. Cover (i.e. canopy) for reliable dust-proof (outdoor) handling. The decoration of the beam at the top of the revolving door conforms to the overall decoration effect.

2. Control system: Control box: The signal of each sensor and detector is processed. At the same time control the speed, lighting, and can be integrated into the building access control system.  

The turnstile operator, in addition to the control of various operating conditions, there are emergency stop and slow speed control.

3, operation mode: Automatic rotation mode: Through the sensor monitoring, when someone enters, drive rotation. When no one is passing, stop turning or low-speed operation, to achieve individual control. Set three waiting states: Bevel stop/turn, wait for speed/speed, closed stop/turn. When the revolving door is in the operation mode after closing, when someone in the revolving door area is closed, the turnstile turns on itself after 8-10 seconds, allowing the closed person to leave.

4, security system: Rotary door with backup power and fire alarm system linkage, in the main power disconnect, door is automatically stopped in the escape position. A high-sensitivity system is set up to ensure that the door can be opened in time and the speed is continuously adjustable. Anti-clamp, non-contact sensor and safety switch are arranged at the entrance and rotating section, and have anti-pinch and rewind function. With UPS, when the power outage, it can support the turnstile to the center line, and automatically open, maintain the flat door for 30 minutes. The revolving door must be activated by an emergency stop button after the first power-up. After the door lock, if the Emergency stop button action, the door due to external forces to leave the lock, the doors will not be self-starting, the lock on the state, until the emergency stop button reset, to prevent alien violence intrusion.

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