Electric Roller Shutter Door Anti-drop Device Detailed

- Nov 30, 2018-

The electric rolling door lift is driven by the rolling door machine. The rolling door machine generally drives the reel to rotate by the chain transmission mechanism, and the reel drives the curtain wound on the reel to slide up and down along the curtain rail to realize the opening and closing of the door. After a period of use, the drive chain will become longer and looser, and the sprocket will also cause axial sway due to wear, so that the gear teeth and the chain can not be aligned, which will often lead to the chain loss. Once the chain is broken, the curtain will be self-weighted. Falling down, causing an accident.

Rolling shutter anti-drop chain device, comprising a bracket plate, a reel for winding the curtain, a reel fixedly connected with the center of the reel, a driving sprocket connected with the rolling door machine, a driven sprocket fixedly connected with the reel, and a transmission chain; The bracket plate is arranged on both sides of the door hole; the reel and the bracket plate are rotatably connected; the driving sprocket and the driven sprocket are arranged on one side of the bracket plate; the transmission chain is connected with the driving sprocket and the driven sprocket; the transmission chain is close to the driving sprocket and the slave The moving sprocket is provided with a long strip-shaped anti-dropper, the anti-drop chain is provided with a base and an upper cover; the middle of the base is provided with a groove, the depth of the groove is matched with the width of the transmission chain; On the base, the size, shape and the base are matched; the base and the upper end of the upper cover are provided with screw holes; the anti-dropper is fixed on the bracket plate through the screw hole through the screw, and the groove is in the transmission chain In the plane in which it is located; the drive chain is connected to the drive sprocket and the driven sprocket through the groove.