Fast Rolling Door Work Process

Fast Rolling Door Work Process

Date:Nov 07, 2018

The working process of the fast rolling door: the trigger signal is provided to the control system by the opening sensor of the fast rolling door, and then the control system issues a command to the frequency converter according to the current position of the fast rolling door, and the driving motor is started to make the door curtain of the fast door rise rapidly, waiting for the vehicle and the pedestrian After passing, the curtain automatically descends and closes the channel until the next door open signal is turned back on.

As the name implies, the speed of the fast rolling door is very fast, and it cannot be started and stopped like a steel rolling shutter. Generally, a frequency converter is needed to control the speed of the motor. The faster the rise, the better. When it is in place (about 20cm), a deceleration buffer stop process is needed to prevent the impact track, prevent pinching and reduce noise. This is also a measure of the performance of fast roll door.

The domestic rolling door control system determines the fast rolling door deceleration distance in programming, which is not adjusted according to the actual speed after the quick rolling door is opened, and has certain influence on the motor brake life and the rolling door limit.

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