Full Glass Door Request

- Sep 28, 2019-

The all-glass revolving door is divided into automatic and manual. For the application of the rotating automatic door, if the architect decides to use the rotating automatic door, it will comprehensively consider and deal with the coordination of its structure, material, line, color and other elements with the overall architectural style. . The frameless all-glass rotating automatic door is designed and developed from the characteristics of adapting to certain architectural styles. This all-glass rotating automatic door is generally referred to as a "crystal door." This structure is very harmonious in style with glass curtain walls, especially point-type glass curtain walls, so in such buildings, "crystal doors" are often used. From the structural point of view, the "Crystal" rotating automatic door is the same as the general rotating automatic door. It is also divided into three wings and four wings. It is also a stable structure supported by the ground. But the drive of this door can only be buried underground. The upper and lower parts of the center of rotation have a metal disk with a glass fan. The metal plate has a door clamp for fixing the glass fan. The door glass is directly combined, omitting the door shaft, thereby improving the permeability of the rotating center and the movable fan. The top of the "Crystal" rotating automatic door is a whole piece of ring-shaped flat safety glass plate with a thickness of more than lOmm. The fixed fan of the door is made of laminated arc glass and there is no metal fixed coffin. Because of the strength and stiffness of the glass, the design of the largest diameter should generally not exceed 3 m.