Heavy Duty Capacity Sliding Door Opener

Heavy Duty Capacity Sliding Door Opener

Date:Dec 10, 2020

As a powerful automatic sliding door operator, the Art.1071.108 is suitable for heavy duty doors. Thanks to the anti-drop off carriage, it will not drop from the guide rail. The sound absorbing rail embedded in rubber mat make it almost silent when operating.


* Heavy duty capacity for 2x200kgs doors thanks to 36V motor

* Anti-drop off carriage wheel prevent the door from dropping from the guide rail

* European type guide rail, sound absorbing rail embedded in rubber mat, reducing the noise of carriage wheel on the rail.

* Replaceable 2nd rail for the carriage wheel, no need to detach all the track, extremely saving the maintenance cost

* Superior safety care, reverse immediately against obstruction on door’s closing, and stop encountering obstacles on door’s opening

*  Coordinate with the safety beam sensor's working ,the door will move reversely when confront with obstacle and then move slow to detect the obstacle all the time .Finally it doesn't wok normally until the obstacle is removed.

* When Fire emergency and power off, please confirm it is the normally open ,the door will keep open and aid escape

* Track's design is more scientific, firm , and thick to hold more weighted door leaf. European style design.


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