How Did The Three-wing Revolving Door Come Into Being

How Did The Three-wing Revolving Door Come Into Being

Date:Feb 09, 2020

The three-wing revolving door was born out of a new concept and function.


Simple and practical, safe and stable, it will rotate the channel system and maximum diameter rotation capacity as a whole, at the same time satisfy the "maximum tourist traffic" and "perfect except for the wind effect" of the two opposite conditions, which make the elegant design and the safety of the products are highly unified, forming a new landmark portal system. Three-wing revolving doors combine safety and practicality to put user safety first. Safety extrusion switches are mounted on curved wall columns to prevent pedestrians from being trapped by stationary columns and rotating doors. Spacious passage space and elegant appearance design, internal air flow less than ordinary doors, effectively resist the outside of the wind, dust, garbage into the building can greatly improve the indoor environment. Save the entrance and exit space, can obtain wider effective area. It has the function to stop at the predetermined position, beautiful and generous. There is an automatic rotation mode and a semi-automatic mode with the feeling of manual operation. The top is equipped with a laser ceiling light, the switch can be manually controlled. With rotating speed control function, even in strong wind, can safely in and out. It has the function of reverse rotation brake to ensure the safety of unilateral rotation.

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