How Do People Tell If The Fingerprint Lock Is Good Or Bad?

How Do People Tell If The Fingerprint Lock Is Good Or Bad?

Date:Jul 19, 2019

Everyone's fingerprints are unique, so don't let others use their fingerprints to do bad things. So now many homes are equipped with fingerprint locks. These locks are fingerprint-based and are modern high-tech products. After all, many people always forget to bring keys, and there is no such trouble in installing fingerprint locks. So how do people tell if the fingerprint lock is good or bad?

1. Is there a full-defense design with high security performance fingerprint lock, which will perfectly match traditional mechanical technology and modern high-tech fingerprint identification technology, with anti-theft, anti-riot, fire, moisture, anti-corrosion, anti-temperature, anti-shock, anti-proof Grinding, rainproof, sunscreen and other 360° full-proof patented design, and the structure uses pure stainless steel material to achieve high security. As a high-tech product for door lock security, fingerprint lock not only protects family property, but also allows family members to use it with confidence. In particular, the problems of some contradictions in today's society still exist, and it is very important that the fingerprint lock has a full-proof design.

2. There is no professional certification, general quality and reliable fingerprint lock. The certification carries out rigorous testing on the operation, safety, strength, life, surface and materials of the product. It requires uniform standards, unified technology, unified interpretation, and meets the standards and technical requirements. A consistent understanding to improve the core competitiveness of the product, giving buyers a greater trust.

3. Is there a function of closing the door? In daily life, the door is often forgotten to lock, especially the vulnerable groups (such as the elderly or children) will forget to lock the door, which will leave the hidden danger of theft. When selecting a fingerprint lock, it is necessary to understand whether the fingerprint lock has the function of closing the door or locking it, so as to prevent this safe after-effect, and use it more reassuringly.

4. Is there a perfect after-sales service According to the observations of professionals in the industry, the current sales and service point network of fingerprint lock manufacturers is generally not large, and even there is no after-sales service point, and the promise of after-sales service is invalid. When buying a fingerprint lock, be sure to understand whether the fingerprint lock brand has a national after-sales service point.

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