How Much Do You Know About The Automatic Door Opening Signal?

How Much Do You Know About The Automatic Door Opening Signal?

Date:Aug 14, 2019

With the development of science and technology, intelligent products are constantly pouring into life. The automatic door is popular among people because of its generous appearance and convenient performance. When someone or something appears in the sensing range of the automatic door, the automatic door will open automatically because the automatic door has a door opening signal.

sensory switch

The door opening signal of the automatic door is the contact signal, and there are two common signal sources of microwave radar and infrared sensor. The microwave radar action of the automatic door reacts with the displacement of the object. Due to the fast response speed of microwave lightning, it is more suitable for places where pedestrians with normal walking speed pass. Once the pedestrian near the automatic door does not want to go out and does not move, the radar of the automatic door will no longer respond, and the automatic door will be closed, which has a certain protection effect on the door machine of the automatic door.


In some places, the automatic door prefers to use a push button switch, which can be a password multi-button button or a contact button. For example, the automatic door of the elbow switch can be operated directly with the elbow.

Foot switch

The same type of button switch has a foot switch, but the foot switch has high requirements for waterproofing and is often used in hospitals. The automatic door using the foot switch is very good for avoiding the contact of the rabbit and is convenient for hygiene.

Set open close

Another is that the timer can automatically control the state of the door. It is connected to a specific switch circuit according to the clock. The preset time will automatically open or lock the door.

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