How The Access Controller Controls The Electric Door And Its Precautions

How The Access Controller Controls The Electric Door And Its Precautions

Date:Nov 08, 2018

The electric door is a management device for controlling personnel or vehicles to enter and exit. Generally, it is installed at the gate of a factory, a community or a hotel. The inrush current of the electric door itself and other interferences generated are relatively large. Therefore, when the access controller is used, it is recommended to contact the manufacturer's technical personnel to perform wiring and operation under the guidance of the manufacturer to ensure the stability of the system.

In general, the electric door has three function buttons, that is, opening the door, pausing, and closing the door. The access control system can realize the control of the door opening function, while the electric door's pause and close function is controlled by the electric door. Most old models of electric door stop and close are controlled by manual buttons, the new type of electric Some of the doors are reserved for automatic door closing, and the design of the automatic anti-clipper is automatically closed when the door is opened and the obstacle is detected. This function is a function of the electric door, and the access controller is temporarily unable to control.

Access control wiring principle and precautions

The principle of the access controller is that there are three buttons on the operating end of the electric door, followed by a line, and a common line. The line and the common line of the opening button are connected to the NO and COM of the relay control end of the access controller. . This will open the electric door by swiping control.

The above is how the access controller controls the electric door and its precautions. I hope that everyone can help when purchasing the controller. Yaoertai Technology has focused on wireless remote control, wireless remote control switch, wireless transceiver module, wireless controller, infrared detector, anti-theft alarm, smart lock, smoke detector and other security alarm and intelligent home control products design, research and development, production for more than 10 years. And sales of one-stop production suppliers, the company's products can be widely used in electric screens, electric drying racks, electric doors and windows, smart home control, smart home security and other places.

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