How To Buy Automatic Doors

How To Buy Automatic Doors

Date:Sep 11, 2018

1. Choose an automatic door brand: The best choice of professional automatic door manufacturers of products, such as bar, Panasonic, Geze, Sodom and other well-known brands.

2. Select the automatic door configuration: According to the installation of automatic door environment and requirements, consider the choice of automatic door configuration.

1) Sensor selection: In high-end hotels, office buildings, you can choose a high-sensitivity sensor, in the sidewalk banks, shops and other places often passing by, select the narrow area of the sensor.

2) Safety aids: In high-end hotels and other places need to eliminate the automatic door of the clip man event, you can choose to install anti-Clip Man infrared sensor.

3) Installation of access control system and electrical lock: in the Self-service bank installed automatic door, you can increase the installation of self-service bank access control system, the addition of electrical locks, in order to achieve access to the door.

4) equipped with back-up power: In order to ensure that the automatic door can work normally when power failure, can be equipped with backup power.

3. Choose Automatic Door Decoration Standard: In order to facilitate the maintenance of automatic door in the future, can choose stainless steel, aluminum profile or aluminum-plastic plate as the door pillar, the exterior surface of the door beam; Note If the marble is used as the exterior surface, it is necessary to determine the matching construction plan between the automatic door project and the marble project beforehand. Avoid the serious consequences of rework by mating errors. Door body generally adopt glass door, at present, there are pure glass door and frame glass door.

4. Select the construction Contractor: choose to provide perfect after-sales service agents or engineers, this agent or the engineer has enough automatic door manufacturers of technical support as a backing, so as to ensure the interests of our end users.

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