How To Choose The Right Access Controller?

- Sep 11, 2018-

Access control controller is the hardware core of access control system, its quality and performance directly affect the stability of the whole access control system.

As the core data processing and storage part of the access control system, the access controller has the important function of setting up the card's reading and entering permission, monitoring the status of the entrance, recording the access control event and the linkage with other systems such as alarm and fire control system.

With the access control system playing an increasingly important role in the security management of enterprises, the traditional mechanical door lock management can not adapt to the safety management of modern enterprises, and the demand performance is as follows: Improve security: The designated area of the classification, sub-period of access rights management, to restrict the relevant personnel to enter the important areas, according to the staff's position and the nature of the work to determine their level of access and allow access to the time, the management of some important areas such as bank vaults, Metro control room set up a variety of entry and exit methods,

To meet the region's better security requirements, to prevent bootlegging theft. Improve management efficiency: understand and set the status of each access point in real time through central management Center, reduce the cost of personnel patrol. The system can record events in real time, so as to facilitate the production of various personnel management reports such as attendance, scheduling and so on.