Installation Hall Revolving Door Safety Tip Sticker

- Sep 11, 2018-

Standard revolving door safety tips must include: the elderly and children need to accompany, prohibit the game logo, carefully hand-held logo, stop mark, traffic signs, pay attention to safety signs, prohibit push logo, such as revolving door warm reminder stickers. Installation of units using a revolving door can be prominently posted in the correct use of the revolving door, set the warning signs or arrange for the person from the side guidance.

Often heard revolving door clip hurt people, indicating that the business is lucky, think this is a small probability event, also relaxed management. For pedestrians, access to the revolving door is not a problem, even if there are small errors, adults can respond to, have the ability to get rid of. But for the elderly and young children, the safety of the revolving door is particularly important, if there is a problem, avoid the accident may occur.