Performance And Use Of Electric Swing Door Motor

Performance And Use Of Electric Swing Door Motor

Date:Nov 09, 2018

Although the name of the swing door motor looks a little jerky, if you understand its structure, performance and function, you will find that there are often such doors around you, and often enjoy the intimate service of this intelligent door. The swing door motor greatly facilitates the entry and exit of people and vehicles, and can better protect personal safety during use. It is an ideal and safe gate device.

     Introduction to the swing door motor For the ordinary people, many people are not familiar with the term "open door motor". Some people mistakenly think that it is an electromechanical device for production. In fact, it is a very high-grade automatic door opening and closing device. . This device has a very advanced sensing device that senses the signal from the wireless remote to control the opening and closing of the door. The sound of the opening and closing door is very low, and even can be muted, which is very suitable for occasions sensitive to noise, especially in some high-end occasions.

  The performance of the swing door motor: The structure of the swing door motor is very compact, and the door can be easily opened and closed with only a slight remote control. Doors like many villas and courtyards are very heavy. It takes a lot of effort to open the door manually. But with this equipment, even if the weight of these doors is heavy, it can be easily opened without labor. strength. This kind of door is very beautiful in appearance and powerful in function. It is no exaggeration to say that such a door is an intelligent door. If it encounters obstacles during the process of closing or opening, it will stop and will not hurt the person. Because it is generally operated in electric form, if you encounter a power outage, you can also use manual operation. It can be used without electricity and electricity. It is super convenient.

  The unique creativity and sophisticated craftsmanship of the swing door motor gives the swing door motor its perfect shape and powerful practical functions. It can be said to be the most upscale villa door, returning to its own villa when it is far away from the city. In and out of your own door, you only need to remotely control the car easily, without having to get off the car and switch the door. It can automate the opening and closing of the door for the villa, and of course it can also be an automatic opening and closing door for the courtyard.

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