Principle Of Automatic Door Automatic Door Advantages

- Jul 01, 2019-

The basic component of automatic doors, roughly the same, composed of the above, plus the door signal, can be configured to a simple automatic door system, is the ability to people close to the open door of gesture recognition for signal control unit, through the open door drive system, after the people left automatically closed the door again, and the process of the open and closed control system.

Automatic door system configuration is based on the use of requirements and equipped with the automatic door controller linked to the peripheral auxiliary control devices, such as the door signal source, access control system, safety devices, centralized control. Auxiliary control devices must be reasonably equipped according to the use characteristics of the building, the composition of personnel and the requirements of building automatic control system.

Advantages of automatic door

First, as is known to all, all the door knob is filled with bacteria, there will be different and met, also can bring a lot of bacteria, especially in the larger sites, if do not wash their hands, eating is simple form enteritis, automatic door is useful to avoid hand contact with many defects doorknob bacteria, he is automatically open the door, pedestrians don't have to push it, follow its speed can be at ease in and out.

The second, convenient to move does not bring the Gospel, move not convenient now people more and more attention and respect from society, many public places are planning to move isn't convenient for disabled, for example on the bus, subway, toilet, automatic revolving door also planning more and more humanized, planning the slow button, the import and export of each one, slow button, a quarter of the normal speed is the speed of the revolving door, convenient move not convenient people passing by.

Third, a lot of people in the library, shopping mall to enjoy the air conditioning will bring cold, central heating, so the automatic door selection is to have a certain effect, it outdoor high temperature may be low temperature barrier outside, even if the flow of large time will not have too much heat loss.