Repair Methods Of Glass Door

- Nov 20, 2018-

Nowadays, many shops and families choose glass automatic doors when they are decorating. This is because the visibility of the glass doors is relatively high, so that people can view the layout in the room and increase the indoor permeability. The glass doors are transparent and concealed. A better choice for one. Moreover, the installation of the glass door is very convenient, and only the corresponding roller skating and chute need to be installed; and the switch of the glass door is relatively simple, and the process of unlocking is not required, and only the direct sliding is required. That's why the glass door is so popular now.

But we all know that glass is very fragile and extremely difficult to repair. The idiom that has been circulating in China has always been broken. It shows that glass is broken, and it is basically impossible to achieve perfect repair. possible. Moreover, the scope and frequency of use of glass doors are increasing and getting higher and higher. In the long-term use of glass doors, there are always some large or small faults that affect the overall use of the glass door. Therefore, mastering some glass door maintenance methods, you can extend the life of the glass door as much as possible, so that it stays in people's sight for a long time.

If there is a problem with the accessories of the glass door, in the long-term use process of people, it is generally more likely that the handle of the glass door will fall off or the function cannot be realized, and generally only need to be It can be replaced directly without having to go to a professional maintenance person. If there is a problem with the fixed part of the glass door, this is not a problem that most people can solve, so you need to find a professional maintenance person to deal with it.

If the glass automatic door does not slide properly in the use of the balance, then you need to check whether there are some impurities in the chute, so that it can not slide properly, if it is, you need to use the relevant tools to the impurities in the chute Clean it up and see if it slides properly. If it still doesn't work, you need to check if the chute is rusting, which makes sliding difficult. In such a case, some lubricant, lubricating oil or the like may be added to the chute or the chute may be derusted.

If there is a problem with the fixed door frame of the glass door, this is a relatively large project, and the glass needs to be dismantled for disposal, so it is generally necessary to find a professional maintenance person to carry out the repair.

Generally, the glass door is a small problem, so we can solve it ourselves. If it is a big problem, there is nothing we can do. Therefore, mastering some of the maintenance methods described in this article is necessary for the long-term use of glass automatic doors.