Revolving Door Routine Maintenance

Revolving Door Routine Maintenance

Date:Sep 29, 2019

Compared to ordinary automatic doors, revolving doors have many advantages that are difficult to replace. However, such a door body is relatively delicate, and must be regularly maintained for its related components, otherwise the hidden dangers and minor faults will not be dealt with in time, and it is very likely that the small fault will become a major fault, eventually leading to the door body. The trick is not impossible. Therefore, Shuangzhou Company reminds everyone to revolve door users to do the maintenance work of the revolving door on time to ensure the normal operation of the door.

Daily maintenance instructions for revolving doors

1. Remove the dust on the surface of the revolving door motor and the transmission chain, and add lubricating oil;

2. Check the components in the control box, tighten the terminals, clean the inside of the box and the surface dust;

3. Check the manual switch control box to clean the dirt on the button;

4. Check the up and down stroke switch of the revolving door, and add lubrication to the switch rail;

5. Check the electric brake manual switch and manual start device;

6. Manually control the revolving door, check the running condition, and adjust the position of the upper and lower stroke switches so that the revolving door is opened or closed in an appropriate position, and the test process is strictly prevented from rotating the door incorrectly;

7. The smoke/temperature sense near the revolving door is checked by the electric automatic door function. The fire center monitors test the fire and turn door linkage function on the linkage table.

Only when the maintenance work of the revolving door is meticulous and in place can the probability of failure of the door body be reduced and the service life can be extended.

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