Screw Window Opener Installation Technical Requirements

- Nov 16, 2018-

Applicable to various window types such as sunroof, upper, middle and lower hanging windows, outer inverted window, inner inverted window, sliding window;

The window opener has built-in electronic devices, which are controlled by a microcomputer chip and have the function of overload protection of obstacles;

A variety of brackets are available to meet different installation needs;

The push rod of the window opener can be made of stainless steel according to the customer's requirements;

Stroke, push-pull force, surface color can be customized according to customer needs;

The window opener can be energized to run a round trip before installation to detect whether the window opener is intact before it is installed;

Before the window opener is installed, it is detected whether the window opening stroke is greater than the opening stroke of the window opener, and whether the window opening is normal;

When installing the sash mount, the center of the mount and the center of the sash should be coincident;

During the opening process of the window opener, the tail of the window opener will sway with the mounting bracket, and it cannot be in contact with the window frame or other structural members at this time;

The window opener should disconnect the controller power supply before work to prevent the risk of electric shock;

When the window opener is running, do not put your hand between the window frame and the window sash to prevent the risk of pinching;

The window drive must be installed and connected by specially trained personnel who must be familiar with the technical parameters and safety standards of the intelligent window control system.