The Basic Function And Application Range Of Induction Automatic Door In China

- Sep 11, 2018-

(1) Induction automatic door can satisfy a variety of special functions. According to different applications and different needs, there are a variety of special functions of induction automatic door came into being. For example, various types of revolving doors can be folded semi-automatic revolving door folding induction automatic door retractable courtyard induction automatic door and so on. These automatic doors are for the satisfaction of special needs of the initiation.

(2) Induction automatic door strengthens the function of the archway decoration greening.

Because the induction automatic door widely considered suitable and the use of new pre-set new dress and new processing technology, its shape and structure and the archway will be more coordinated and better matching, strengthening the green function of the archway.

(3) Close sealing performance of doors and the performance of energy-saving materials. Semi-automatic revolving door regardless of turn to that position outside is open, gate inside is closed, because this can derogate from calorie loss, reduce the dust into the territory, increase the strict sealing, save energy material. Other type of induction automatic door because it can close the door automatically and can adjust the opening width, but also increase its tight sealing and energy-saving properties of the material.

(4) The gate is semi-automatic. Safe and reliable operation. The opening and closing of the door succeeded in realizing the motor drive, which greatly slowed down the labor intensity and the prevailing rate of the initial learning. Due to the use of advanced containment technology and safety to take care of the treatment, so that access automatic door more secure and reliable.