The New Color Of Our Best Seller Garage Door ,hope You Like It!

- Oct 25, 2018-

Last week,our type garage door opener has through the test,and will be updated on our website,hope you will like it,following are the functions of this product,please refer.

1.Chain drive.DC Motor power.
2.Soft start and soft stop.
3.Super quiet running. 
4.Electronic limit switch.
5.Safety reversing sensor meet EN-12445.
6.Manual release handle in case of power failure.
7.Alarm system/ photo eyes/ wall switch/ battery backup can   beadded.
8.Accurate positioning and adjusting. 
9.Automatic lighting switch off (adjustable). 
10.High light LED lights.                    

11.Error recognition. 
12.Automatic error recovery. 
13.Rolling code remote control 433.92Mhz. 
14.Customized steel rail length.

15. Digital LCD display.

16. Build in small door.

17. Automatic door closing time (adjustment)

18.Adjustable time delay close